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Best Noodle with Local Ingredients

Featured In Honolulu Magazine

Best Noodle with Local Ingredients

There are only so many ingredients in a ramen noodle—water, flour, kansui (alkaline solution)—but what happens when you throw a wild card into the mix? Adela’s Country Eatery includes ‘ulu, kalo, sweet potato, malunggay or local avocados and runs the noodles through a ramen press using techniques learned in Hokkaido, but treats them like a pasta. Each varies ever so slightly in taste and texture while still registering as a ramen noodle. The noodle-riffing continues through various flavor combinations like malunggay pasta with lechon, or avocado and lemongrass shrimp. You can also take the dried versions home and pair with a topping of your own whimsy. Read More

Featured In Hana Hou Magazine

Flour Power


Hana Hou Magazine

Story by Kathleen Wong. Photo by Michelle Mishina.
Imagine opening a clamshell container to find crispy lechon, red onions and tomatoes on top of vivid green ramen noodles. A small cup of tangy stir-fry sauce sits in the corner, ready to dress your Dr. Seuss-colored dish. At Adela’s Country Eatery, a Filipino-inflected hole-in-the-wall in Kāne‘ohe, ramen gets its greenness from an unusual ingredient: the ground leaves of the malunggay (a.k.a. moringa) tree.  Read More
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